The Arm of Gur

A halberd, intelligent and has been benevolent to its bearer.

weapon (melee)

+3 Halberd

  • Other qualities unknown.
  • An extra-planar being pointed out that it contained an intelligence.
  • Has occasionally provided healing to its bearer when he would have been severely wounded from an attack and close to death or dying.
  • Does not speak, but has occasionally given subtle clues to Gur in feelings and images.

Gurdek Stonewatch was given this apparently simple +3 Halberd after completing a quest in the city lost to time. He was told that it would help him where he was going. Gur could also not be certain, but it seemed almost to form itself into a halberd as it was given to him, though from what he could not say, nor could he say it wasn’t already a halberd when he saw it first.

Because of its apparent power and ease with which it was used by Gur, he named it “Gurwandeherr”. Roughly “Hand” or “Arm of Gur” in mullish. It implies an extension of the body itself moreso than something simply wielded. If it has any other name, it has not made it known to Gur.

The Arm of Gur

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