Kenyon "Zephyr" Vash


Kenyon was born to poverty stricken parents in the slums, his father died on the night of his birth and his mother was left to raise he and his 6 siblings on her own. From a young age Kenyon ran with packs of street urchins. The street lord (a low level gang boss who watched over the gangs of children in an area and made sure that the gangs got their cut of the children’s’ take) who watched over the area Kenyon lived in saw potential in the boy. At a young age Kenyon had learned to speak multiple languages, including orc and goblin. Malik, the street lord, put Kenyon to work slipping in and out of well to do houses as an elven page boy or kitchen servant. Kenyon played his part masterfully, rarely speaking, but always listening. He would occasionally steal a few valuables, but the true value of what he brought back lay in the information he would overhear or acquire on his sojourns into the wealthy houses.

As he grew older Kenyon moved steadily up through the ranks of a gang known as the Black Wind. The Black Wind was run by an ancient elf known only as the Old Man. The Old Man took and interest in Kenyon and took him under his wing. Instructing him in more intricate techniques of infiltration and assassination. The Old Man eventually revealed his grand designs for the Black Wind to Kenyon. The Old Man wanted the Black Wind to spread far and wide, to help sow disorder among the races that kept the elves, dwarves, and all the rest oppressed. He also wasn’t opposed to making quite a bit of money in the process. The Old Man gifted Kenyon with the name Zephyr and charged him to help him implement his grand design. The Black Wind worked for anyone, but their ultimate goals were always their own, closely guarded secret. They played noble houses against one another, robbed merchants, and assassinated city officials. Zephyr made contacts in every major city and among a great many of the noble and merchant houses. To some he revealed himself as Zephyr, to others he was Akbar the Merchant. Others thought him a government inspector of some sort. Some though him human, some thought him half-elf. He was spy, thief, assassin, and always sought to further the cause of the Black Wind.

Zephyr took his assignments directly from the Old Man and soon rose to be his second in command. With his help the Black Wind has spread across much of the known world. the name is spoken of in hushed whispers in dark rooms, but always where their reach extends the lives of the poorest and most desperate are eased. Medicines and food are available where none were before, and so the Black Wind is able to recruit more loyal members and establish secure bases from which to work. The Black Wind has many and varied contacts, from fishmongers, to corrupt guardsmen, from noble secretaries to stable boys. They maintain their own artisans and mages in secret compounds to supply their specialized equipment and always they seek to keep the orcs and goblins at one anothers throats.

Zephyr’s latest assignment has carried him into the heart of battle, and to a strange portal where he has encountered people from another land. What the Old Man will make of these new people and their strange story Zephyr is unsure, but he is quite certain that they will be useful for the Black Winds purposes in one way or another.

Kenyon "Zephyr" Vash

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