Gurdek Stonewatch

A guard, a mercenary, a bounty hunter, and now bodyguard.


Gurdek Stonewatch began as many Mül do, living among his own people in a tight community in Kivadurr. Raised from an early age with the skills of a soldier and fighter, Gur took on the duty of a guard when he reached adulthood. But with the great Stone Road between Kivadurr and Cesara Keldyr bringing only trade and travel and not invasion, the guarding was little more than standing about and checking trade manifests.

With his home needing little defending, Gur set off to Cesara Keldyr. There he joined the city watch/militia as a freelancer and bounty hunter. Taking the odd job now and then was part of a normal routine. The oddest job to ever present itself was finely dressed and has proved to be the adventure of a lifetime.

It was in answering the summons for this odd job that Gur encountered R’Qel, a sorcerer and scholar of the Great Library. Hired on as a guard for the expedition and investigator for the city watch, Gur left the city and began adventuring in pursuit of answers to great mysteries. Once his companions found themselves exiled by Cesara Keldyr, the job became odder still. Recruited by a somewhat ambiguous authority, the adventuring company (sometimes referred to as Ohnuts Incorporated) set off out of Cesara Keldyr for points and events unknown.

Many companions have joined in these long travels, some falling by the wayside, some choosing other paths, but Gur is determined to see R’Qel through to the end of his adventure, and so it is Gur’s adventure as well.

This adventure has seen Gur scream in terror at finding the Krenshar, a beast that previously only inhabited the old tales, alive and well and truly fearful. Encounters with shapechangers left scratches. Shuffling undead and the cold deadly unliving shadows were found to be formidable opponents. Though an undead as a servant amused R’Qel and made excellent cocktails. A green dragon, unheard of in recent times, was fought and bested, and the scales of the beast now toughen Gur’s shield. Another beastly encounter found Gur on the inside of a large lizard creature before he fought his way out. A tooth of that beast makes a fine short sword. Gur was even lucky enough to find the finest distilled drink ever crafted when he met a man by the name of Fahrnam.

Then there was an encounter with something… in a dark cave… there was a pool… and there was pain. Gur does not remember all of this dark encounter, but he does know he was changed.

Gur has been into an alternate time, different realms, and places that were both near and far at the same time. Gur’s favorite weapon is a halberd, and he has a fine one with steel as cold as the mountain ice, but it was in a far away and lost city that Gur was given a halberd that he is sure is extraordinary and yet remains mysterious. He was told that it would be needed where he went and would help. There are times when it seems the halberd does not want Gur to fall, and a swing of the weapon gives renewed vitality to him as he fights on, making a deadly encounter into only a near-death experience.

After the strange land in the lost time was lost again, he and his companions returned to the Elven island as heroes of old, though they were still young at the time. They even met the famed Garos Bremane and perhaps are now part of his adventure stories! And now their path turns to the southern lands. Previously assumed to be uninhabited, barely explored, and worth little but ink on a map, it is now their destination. Gur will face this new challenge as he always has, with his strength, and his companion’s help.

Gurdek Stonewatch

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