The world of Nhelaam is one that is just emerging from ages of confusion and darkness. Some would call this the time of enlightenment. Man and his allies have come into an age where food is plenty and travel within their own lands is safe for the most part. Beyond their borders are vast expanses of land that have yet to be explored; civilizations that have not yet been met by man. Now is a time of exploration, a time to learn more about the wild lands that surround safe and harboring cities and villages.

So many questions are being asked at this point in the life of Nhelaam, it is a time of exploration and adventure. Introduced into this world of research is a new breed, one dedicated to the discovery of what lies over the next hill or beyond the crystal seas. New minerals have been unearthed by persistent Dwarves, what else could be hiding, just waiting to be found. The future of Nhelaam is unknown and its past is shrouded in mystery. Now is the time of discovery.

Chronicles from Nhelaam

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